Sunday, October 25, 2015


Another poppies quilt is completed. I admit the picture is not the best. In reality it is a rectangular quilt 17"x24". By now I have made so many poppy quilts, that finding a title is becoming very difficult. I guess I have to start numbering them.

Fabrics used are a combination of hand dyed/painted ones and commercial batiks.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Colors and mood continued

After I had painted the fabric for the gingko leaf I cut out the shape and positioned it onto a background fabric. My original color was a dark grey:

This is EB's comment:
Absolutely dreamy!!    I think that totally sums it up...something as simple as this will look good with some hand stitching - maybe just sort of random all over dots or small stitches - which will reward the viewer for coming in closer...if you're not already stuck might try the purple against a very soft mellow yellow sky....might have an even lighter dreamier feel to it.  The grey is really quite somber - though that could be my monitor....    
beautiful simple idea...
You can make a design complicated, but quite often a simple one is more effective :-). As EB suggested I tried the leaf on different backgrounds. Here is one a light yellow/brown batik:

And here with a green batik:

They are indeed more dreamy. I think the green one is my favorite.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Colors and mood

This month the theme for EB's masterclass is mood and the color that expresses that mood the best. As mood I choose dreamy and this is the fabric I painted for it:

The colors are a mixture of Lumiere blue and Setacolor red. Cannot say exactly which ones as I do not have them with me right now. And this is the design I am going to use the fabric in:

Yes, a gingko leaf. I admit I have never seen a purple one, but why not. After all, there is artistic freedom :-) Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Sunday, October 04, 2015


During the years I have made a number of poppy quilts. In September I used the poppies again for EB's masterclass. This triggered a need to make again poppy quilts :-). Here is the one I am working on now. First picture shows the beginning of the lay out in grey scale, to see if there is enough contrast in the values used.

And this picture shows how the design looks now. I can start quilting.