Friday, October 31, 2008

Nested Round Robin

With my dyeing group we had a color project for this year. Every month we were given a color combination and a technique which had to be used for the nested round robin. Nested because the top stayed with the owner. On this picture you can see the last two rounds which I added to it. The blue/yellow/green one had transparency as color combination, technique was free. The last round was a analogous color harmony with paper piecing as technique. For this round I had to split the border in two as I did not have enough fabric anymore to complete the whole round in one color scheme. I have no idea which colors I used to dye the color wheel so dyeing extra fabric was no option. Total size of the top is 29"x29". Next step is to quilt it.
Traditional work is not my favourite, but it was nice to work on this one.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

textured surfaces

The pictures you see here are the first steps of some of the samples I have been making for the Textured Surfaces class given by Lynda and Carol. Decorative yarn, lace, strips of torn fabric and tyvek are attached - in combination with hand embroidery stitches - to a background of fabric and Pelmet Vilene. They are now waiting for the next steps which will involve paints.

Friday, October 24, 2008


For the Bakers dozen group the present theme was Passion. It took quite a while before I got an idea which I could use, but here is the result. The background was made from woven strips, handdyed and sunprinted. The lips are made from silk fusion. Size of this quiltlet is 13"x13".

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I cannot show you anything creative I made, but I can show you what the mail brought me today. The picture above shows the results from the screen printing swap we did on my surfacing group. These fabrics are made by- starting top left - me, Kelly, Lynda, - and starting top right - Marijke and Kate. Aren't they great! Don't know yet for what I will use them, but they will find their way into one of my quilts.
The other picture is an atc which I received from Jacqueline. I traded this one for one of mine.
If you want to trade one, I have a couple available for trading. Just let me know.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am participating in Kate's Another Little Quilt Swap, the second one, and yesterday I received this quilt made by Pippa. Isn't it a beauty! Pippa knew that I love black and white so she monoprinted the fabric using these colors. The feather is screen printed. Now I have to find a place to hang this quilt so that I can admire it all the time. Thanks Pippa for participating in this swap.
For me it is also about time to send the quilt I made to ................

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Favourite season

As you know I am participating in Suzan's Nature Challenge and this month the theme is 'your favourite season'. This journal quilt is my interpretation of the theme. It is called 'Winter is over' and that is the main reason I like spring, the return of fresh green and flowers.
Although our winters are not really cold, they are dark, depressing and bleak. For this quilt I used handdyed fabric and raw edge applique as technique.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


At last my internet connection is running smoothly again and I can pick up blogging again. While I was 'away' I received my Shades of Sunshine quilties from the swap organised by Lenna. Here are the pictures:
The one at the left is made by Janice Perkin, the one at the right is made by Beverley Teichrob.

This left one is made by Sharon Schutt and the one at the right is made by Sue Lee. Aren't they lovely? With the swap Lenna also send some pieces of 'sunshine' fabric for which I will find a good place someday.

The new swap Lenna is organising is a Forest quilties exchange. I signed up for this one too. The quilties are due by the end of November, but I have finished mine. Here are the pictures:

As usual the swap is for 4 quilties, but I made a 5th one as hostess gift. They will go into the mail to Lenna today.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Thanks to a *$&% service engineer of my internet provider I have been missing in action for some time now. At the moment I have limited access to the internet. To get online I have to balance my computer at the end of a desk and have a cable snaking through the room over the stairs to the modem which is two floors down. Hopefully this situation can be resolved soon so that I can go back to regular blogging soon.