Friday, October 31, 2008

Nested Round Robin

With my dyeing group we had a color project for this year. Every month we were given a color combination and a technique which had to be used for the nested round robin. Nested because the top stayed with the owner. On this picture you can see the last two rounds which I added to it. The blue/yellow/green one had transparency as color combination, technique was free. The last round was a analogous color harmony with paper piecing as technique. For this round I had to split the border in two as I did not have enough fabric anymore to complete the whole round in one color scheme. I have no idea which colors I used to dye the color wheel so dyeing extra fabric was no option. Total size of the top is 29"x29". Next step is to quilt it.
Traditional work is not my favourite, but it was nice to work on this one.


Jacquie said...

I loved the way it turned out. Beautiful!

miekenoor said...

What a nice project this has become. Did you fuse the pieces? Lovely colours, too!

Vicky said...

Very modern looking. Who would imagine that you didn't plan it ahead of time this way instead of it being a nested robin.