Sunday, September 25, 2011

new in my collection

 Every year SAQA holds an auction of small art quilts and when possible I try to buy pieces I like.Not always successful as I am not the only one who wants to buy. This time I managed to get these two quilts.
The top one is made by Meta Heemskerk and is called 'Different':
 And the second one is made by Ruth Olsen and is called 'Shades of Autumn':
Sales this year have been lower than in previous years, so if you want to buy an ar tquilt for a reasonable price have a look at either the auction pages or the SAQA store. The third round of the auction has not yet started so with a bit of luck I might be able to show you another quilt soon :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Festival of Quilts

Yes, I know this festival is over, but today I found out that the quilt I had send in this year is featured in Bonnie McCaffery vidcast no 62. Here is the link to Bonnie's blog My quilt is shown in part 1. Sorry that I cannot give a direct link, but neither my Ipad nor my laptop are cooperating.