Saturday, December 31, 2011

Size is not everything

For Sky-is-the-Limit the present theme is Size is not everything. Rather a difficult one. My first idea was not decent enough to create something with :-), so I had to pick another idea. I played safe and went with one of my favorite ideas: flowers. Whether a flower is big or tiny, to me they are all beautiful. All fabrics used are either hand dyed or hand painted ones. This is the result:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Snowy owl is finished

Snowy owl is finished! The advantage of having a couple of days off is that you can continue working on it. I started this quilt in May. The background blue and brown was dyed and fused together. The snowy owl was painted with textile paint. My intention was to have only the outline of the shadow of the owl and the tree in which it is sitting visible. Because of the dark colors it was difficult to quilt it using artificial light. But I got the effect I wanted. Total size of this quilt is 41"x41" (105x105 cm).

Here are 2 pictures, a full one:

Because the snowy owl was painted it meant that every wrong stitch would remain visible. I really had to be careful when I machinequilted it. And a detail one:

And yes, I have to iron the quilt to get rid of the folding lines, and I have to remove the white cat's hair. Catrien managed to sleep on it in spite of my attempts to keep her away from it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


When you are working on big projects, the disadvantage is that there are not many things to show. A daily update is most of the time not very interesting. So in between I work on smaller projects. One of them is the challenge for the Sky is the Limit group which is due on January 1. I will show more of this one after Christmas. Another project is the monthly color blocks. I am 6 months behind I discovered but as this project will not be swapped, not much harm is done. Here is the block for July. As you can see the color was red. All fabric is handdyed.


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

more than 1 project

As always I am working on more than 1 project, so this time no progress on the canal houses but something else. Early this summer I made 4 tops which stil needed to be quilted. All of them are big, around 36"x36" (1 square metre) and this week I started quilting one of them. With this size of quilts I am so glad that I have a longarm :-).
Here is a detail of the quilting:

And as the quilting is done in practically the same color as the fabric, here is another picture taken from the back: