Sunday, January 30, 2011


With one of my yahoogroups we have a yearly project. In 2010 it was a big one: the canal houses. They have been swapped although some are still in the mail. I must admit I have not yet started working on the assembling. After such a huge project, the project for 2011 is smaller. Every month we will make a block in a specific color. How big the block is, is up to the maker. How elaborate or how simple it is, the same. The color for January is white. I decided to make a simple lopsided log cabin using different white fabrics: pfd, commercial, silk and decorate it with white yarn. Here is the picture:
The reason that I keep it rather simple is that at the end of the year I want to use the blocks as a background for applique. I know how and what I want to do with them, but that is something I am not yet telling :-).
My blocks started out as 10"x10", only I made a measuring mistake and cut a couple of blocks 10"x9"from my stabilizer. That meant that I had to change all my blocks to 9"x9". The advantage of not having to swap :-).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It has been some time since my last posting, I know. The last couple of weeks I hardly touched any fabric. My time was taken by trying to reduce the number of swap obligations I had for atc's. Those little thingies can be quite addictive. I don't wont to bore you with all the atc - or apc's - I made, but here are a couple of examples:

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Look what I got in the mail today. On The Fiber Nation blog there was a embellishment grab bag give away in December and I was one of the winners. Lots of goodies to play with :-). Thanks Stephanie!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

haiku 2nd part

When I posted the haiku earlier this week, I made a mistake. According to the rules of the haiku-group both the haiku as well as the artwork created by it, should be posted at the same time. And all of this within 5 days after posting of the theme work. So here is the first stage of my fiber translation of my haiku:
In this stage the letters and numbers are only fused to the background. I have not yet had the time to stitch/quilt/bind it.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


This year I will not be participating in the CQGB journal quilts because I needed a new challenge. I found this through Carole. She started a new group/blog for haiku's. Haiku's are a form of Japanese poetry based on 5-7-5 syllabes. The haiku will be the inspiration for a fiber or mixed media art work. The size of these will be around journal size - at least for the first year.
I admit my experience of writing poetry is limited to Sinterklaas poetry (Dutch version of Santa Clause). The first theme is 'beginnings' and this is my first haiku:

A first day at school
Numbers, letters, they call you
No more time to play?

In my mind I already see the fiber translation of this. Hopefully I have time the coming days to create it.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Let me start this blog post by wishing you all a happy - and creative - new year. Okay, not very original, but it is the time of the year :-)
Today I worked on some atc's for AFA. This swap is about hand drawn / hand painted bamboo. I have a couple of bamboo in my garden, but I googled some pictures to be more certain that my drawings would look like real bamboo. I started with making these pencil drawings:
They don't look too bad, but they needed some color. I used water color because I like the way I can blend colors with this. This is the result:
Tomorrow they will cross the pond to the swap hostess.