Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It is purple

Years ago I bought this pattern at Grueber St. Cloud. Normally I do not work with patterns, but this one I really liked. Only it ended up in my studio and got neglected :-(

To be honest I had forgotten that I had it, but moving house means that you see all your stuff again. A couple of months ago I decided to start working with it. As colorscheme I decided to go with purple. A trip to SR Harris was needed to supplement my purple stash of batiks :-). Here is a picture of the first 4 blocks. Each block is 12"x12".

And here is the whole stack of 64 blocks. It took me a couple of months to get them done.

This morning I completed the first strip of 8 blocks.

Quilting is done in the ditch. The larger wedges need additional quilting, probably different type of leaves. In total I need 8 of these strips, so if I am again quiet for a long time, you know what I am doing :-))