Sunday, October 05, 2008


At last my internet connection is running smoothly again and I can pick up blogging again. While I was 'away' I received my Shades of Sunshine quilties from the swap organised by Lenna. Here are the pictures:
The one at the left is made by Janice Perkin, the one at the right is made by Beverley Teichrob.

This left one is made by Sharon Schutt and the one at the right is made by Sue Lee. Aren't they lovely? With the swap Lenna also send some pieces of 'sunshine' fabric for which I will find a good place someday.

The new swap Lenna is organising is a Forest quilties exchange. I signed up for this one too. The quilties are due by the end of November, but I have finished mine. Here are the pictures:

As usual the swap is for 4 quilties, but I made a 5th one as hostess gift. They will go into the mail to Lenna today.

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Lise said...

Your Forest quilties are lovely, Wil. I hope I'll be one of the lucky ones to recieve one of them!! I also found that we both have signed up for the Fibreinform online class. How fun! Looking forward to see your work.