Monday, June 18, 2007


I started working on the challenge yesterday. The whole background of the quilt will be made out of 4" (10 cm) square blocks. In total I will need 100 of these blocks. I have finished 38 of them by now. When the background is finished I will add applique on it. If I continue in this speed the quilt will be finished in 2 weeks instead of the 2 months we gave each other for it. Besides me, there are 3 other Dyehards who are doing this challenge.
This quilt has upset my schedule for the C&G course. I had intended to finish module 8 this week, but I think it will be a week later. There are still 3 activities to do and some sampling for the wallhanging I will be making.
I have been dyeing fabric for the challenge quilt and for the wallhanging both yesterday and today. For both of them I need different greens.

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