Saturday, November 17, 2007

black/white quilt and painted fabric

Today I finished a small quilt - about 15" square - of which I can only show a detail on this blog as I intend to send it to a Dutch Show. For this quilt I used a black gradation and decorative yarns. The show is in March so till this time I cannot show you the full picture.
The other 2 fabrics are handdyes on which I added Lumiere paints. I placed different type of coasters and bubblewrap under the fabric and rollerpainted the paint over it. On purpose I had not cleaned my foamroller in between so some of the copper/gold paint is also on the blue piece. These fabrics I dyed/painted for the second step of the challenge quilt we are doing on my surfacing group. The fabric is prepared so now I can start working on the quilt. Size is again 40" square and my inspiration source is the colors Marijke used in her sunsetquilt.

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