Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Challenge and NYB

The background for my challenge is now completed. All the 100 blocks of 4" are pinned to my design wall and are ready to be attached to each other.

The other half of the design wall is covered with the nyb blocks. Out of the 36 blocks 27 are now finished. They are all handpieced. Each block is 6" square and has between 70 and 120 pieces. To finish this quilt I gave myself a year. I started last September with it so I must be able to finish it before coming September. When all the blocks are pieced together I will machine quilt it.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I started working on the challenge yesterday. The whole background of the quilt will be made out of 4" (10 cm) square blocks. In total I will need 100 of these blocks. I have finished 38 of them by now. When the background is finished I will add applique on it. If I continue in this speed the quilt will be finished in 2 weeks instead of the 2 months we gave each other for it. Besides me, there are 3 other Dyehards who are doing this challenge.
This quilt has upset my schedule for the C&G course. I had intended to finish module 8 this week, but I think it will be a week later. There are still 3 activities to do and some sampling for the wallhanging I will be making.
I have been dyeing fabric for the challenge quilt and for the wallhanging both yesterday and today. For both of them I need different greens.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thr3fold challenge

When I was reading the new Thr3fold magazine the challenge sounded very tempting to me. I have been going over the idea a number of times and I am going to do it. Don't know yet whether somebody else will join me with this challenge, but I am going to start anyway. As inspiration source I will focus on the big pond which is in front of my house. There are 5 little islands in it and at the moment a family of swans (mom, dad and 4 young ones).

Friday, June 15, 2007

The last couple of days I had no time to work on my C&G course. Instead I worked on some blocks for the color swap of Dyehards. For June we are to make a block using analogous colors, for July secondary colors, August tertiary colors and for September split complement colors. Now I only have to make one more block using transparency colors. Here are pictures of them:

This week I received Quilting Arts and the new magazine Thr3fold http://www.thr3foldjournal.com made by Linda and Laura Kemshall and Catherine Nicholls. Lots of interesting techniques and ideas. With the magazine comes a CD with printable materials, patterns, stencils and video clips.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, I have entered the world of blogging too. On this blog I will mainly report about my textile art. At the moment I am working on the 8th module of C&G course 7922 given by Linda and Laura Kemshall.

The main item for this module is to design and make a wallhanging inspired by nature. I have chosen to make a triptych with foxgloves. I love this flower, especially the purpurea version. The flowers will be made as inserts on a pieced background. I am not good at drawing, but with some cutting and glueing I created this sketch. Size of the wallhanging will be around 3'x4' (90x120 cm). The drawing has been approved by Linda and I can start working on creating samples.

Fabric for this wallhanging will be handdyed or handpainted. I started dyeing 4 years ago and I love it. Whatever color I want I can create it myself. This is especially convenient as there is no quiltshop in the town where I live and I do not want to travel to Amsterdam every time I need some fabric.