Monday, April 01, 2013

Frozen paint

As the temperature here is still below what it should be, I was able to create some more frozen paint squares. This time I incorporated cheese cloth as well. Each canvas is 4"x4"x1,5". They are for sale on Galleriba.

By now I have made these with and without cheesecloth and I have to say I like them more with. Till now I was able to create them by putting them outside for several days. I wonder how it will go if I put them in the freezer for some time.


Ineke said...

Ik heb er een in de diepvries gehad en volgens mij werkt het hetzelfde. Het droogt ook uit.

Margaret said...

This process still intrigues me, and I'm going to make a note of it for my self-directed "summer school" (June-August). I'll have to use my freezer then of course, but what fun!