Monday, April 21, 2014

Mulberry bark

Carol asked me about mulberry bark. I have included a picture of a piece of bleached mulberry bark (with 2 skeleton leavves). The bark is harvested from the Asian Mulberry tree and bleached. As you see in the picture it has a wonderful texture. You can split it into thinner layers or wet it and form in a shape. After drying the shape will remain. It can be embroidered  and hand or machine stitched. And as you saw in my previous post, painting is also an option.
This is not mulberry paper. The paper is also made from the same tree, but much thinner. An other name for this is Kozo paper or Gampi paper.

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Carol said...

Thanks so much for the extra detail! The Mulberry cloth looks really interesting and I'll keep my eye out for other pieces incorporating this technique!