Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another painting technique

If you read my blog on a regular base, you know that I prefer working with my own hand dyed fabric. This time however I decided to work with a multicolored batik. To change the look I decided to apply paint to it. This is how I did it. First I started with stitching lots of folds. The folds were - on purpose - irregular in width and not at all neatly lined up :-). The stitching is time consuming, but it gives neat sharp lines after the painting.

After the stitching my fabric looked like this, top:

and back:

Cover your work space with plastic or old newspaper because now is the time to add the paint. I used Lumiere halo gold blue, one of my favorites, and a foam brush.

Apply the paint till the whole top is covered.

Let the paint dry. Next step is to remove the stitched lines. Iron the fabric from the back and this is the result:

As you see the lines are outlined sharp and irregular. 

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Margaret said...

Great idea! Love the effect you achieved, Wil.