Saturday, December 13, 2014

ice cubes

There are different ways of using ice cubes in dyeing. In this case I made dye concentate and froze this into ice cubes containers. I have special ones for dyeing purposes.

In a big container I placed a soda soaked piece of fabric and placed a number of ice cubes on top of it. I used a yellow one and two different blues.

Covered everything with a second piece of fabric and left it there till the ice cubes were melted.

After rinsing and washing these are the fabrics:

The top one was the fabric which was on top. I can see that because there are more white or very lightly colored areas.


Margaret said...

Wonderful! Must give this a try. Did you put the bottom fabric on a rack of any kind or is it right on the bottom of the container?

The Idaho Beauty said...

That is fabulous! I wouldn't have thought you'd get such coverage with the ice cubes spaced so far apart. This appeals to me a lot more than snow dyeing.

Maartje Quilt said...

Dat ziet er mooi uit. Ik wil wel eens proberen als je hier een soort parfait ice dyeing van maakt. Ik ga het snel eens uitproberen.
Fijne feestdagen

Maartje Quilt said...

Wil je knoeilap was een goed idee. De lap wordt steeds mooier. Ik las op Internet over het gebruik van met plantenspuit vochtig gemaakt krantenpapier, omdat dan zwevende verfpoederdeeltjes beter geadsorbeerd worden. Dus spray ik nu de lap heel even voor gebruik. Ik merk nu dat er veel meer kleur komt op de lap en kleuren uitlopen. Dus nog mooier.

Beth said...

Fabulous. Wherever DID you get that idea. I never would have thought of that. Great results too!!