Wednesday, November 04, 2015


EB gave us 3 pictures to chose from, not to make a straightforward copy but as a starting point. I picked this picture of the Gates in NY done by Christo and Marie-Claude:

My sketching skills are limited. To be honest I only use them as a guide. This is what I did:

I am going to create an orange pathway where the orange squares will be getting smaller and smaller. In front of that there will be an abstract or fantasy tree. The drawing shows a triangular tree, but most likely I will use a different shape. This is EB's comment:
I like the way you've abstracted the photo of the Christo orange flag exhibit in Central Park, NYC, a few years ago - I was lucky enough to visit it at the time.
I do like the idea of the squares going off into the distance...I'm not quite sure, though, of the connection between them and the fantasy trees?  A design is usually stronger if everything is connected in some way...Perhaps the abstracted trees could be indicated by squares also - but in shades of grey rather than orange?  maybe they could be rectangles too instead of squares.  In that way the "gates" (as Christo called them) and the trees would be related by shape.  He deliberately chose February for this exhibit so that the orange would really stand out against the wintry grey - and sometimes white (with snow) of the natural landscape of the park.
You are very good at strong simply I think you could make this stronger too by simplifying and unifying it.

Years ago my online dyeing group did swaps with colorwheels and gradations. I do not keep them anymore as references, but I still use these samples whenever I need a wide range of shades/values. They will come in handy for this quilt :-).

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Margaret said...

How easily you seem to come to abstraction! I tend to get caught up in background details...sigh...