Saturday, April 02, 2016

Embroidered circles

And this is how the embroidery turned out:

To be honest, not an improvement. So while I was watching a movie, I ripped the embroidery stitches out. That means that the quilt is now completed. Only I have to find a title. I am not in favor of numbering my circle quilts, but I have to say, it is easier than coming up with titles :-). Any suggestions?


Cath Stonard said...

Circle Dancing? The way the two sets of circles are overlapping gives me the impression of dancing around together, there is movement in this piece which I like.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh well - you really can't know if something will be an improvement until you try it. I'd be inclined to call this Ripples. Not terribly inspired but it's the feel I got from it from the start. Maybe you can build on that thought.