Wednesday, July 06, 2016

eco dyeing

In the 70ties I dyed my own hand spun wool with plants, but since then I have not done any eco dyeing till this week. For these 4 bundles I used pieces of copper wire and sticks of black walnut to wrap the fabric around. Placed leaves and flowers on the fabric, rolled it and and wrapped everything with cotton thread. I did this while I was still in the US. Packed these bundles into my suitcase and cooked everything yesterday with some iron sulfate.  This morning I took the bundles out off the cooking pan and this is how they looked: 

After rinsing and ironing the fabric looks like this:

Some prints are interesting, others not so. My guess is that I used too many layers of leaves/flowers. Some leaves/flowers were sumak, black walnut, astilbe, clover, geranium and lily. Aiming for better result next time.

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irene macwilliam said...

I like them all, they have an air of mystery about them.