Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yesterday my friend Kelly and I played with a - for us - new type of printing technique. We used lightsensitive fabric on top of a piece of board, pinned a number of foamy fishes and milkbottle collars on it and placed the board into the sunshine. The fabric was light green before we started working on it and after half an hour it had turned into a olive kind of green. It did not look at all as the instruction manual said it should. After rinsing the fabric luckily it got the color it is supposed to have. The picture at the left shows how it looked before it was placed into the sunshine. The picture at the right shows the final result. Does it not look gorgeous? It is definately a technique/material which I will use more often in the future.
For any one who is interested in this technique, on you can read more about it. They are also the ones who sell this special type of fabric.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Wil - Just dropped by your blog for the first time as a result of seeing your link in your email on Fibre & Stitch. Fabulous work - really interesting blog - I will have to come back to read the archives!! Love your blueprinting and thanks for the link, it is something I can see I will want to try!

Anonymous said...

The special fabric you used, you can make yourself, I have a book called Cyanitypes ob Fabric by Ruth Brown. which gives you all the formulas to do it. You can also get a kit from Art Van go with all you need to do this.
I want to have a go, but at this time of year in the UK, we don't have enough sun really.