Thursday, September 06, 2007


With my dyeing group we are doing a twin complex cloth round robin. That is we started with a similar fabric send to two different persons who each work on it without knowing what the other group is doing. The mail has brought me the 2 ccrr's which you see on these pictures. The top one started as a violet dyed piece of fabric. The 2nd participant used cold batix wax with a stamp on it and dyed the fabric lapis. The 3rd added stamped dragon flies. When I saw this fabric it was actually complete for me but I had to add something so I diluted silver textile paint with a lot of water and brushed this over the whole piece. It now has a light sparkle all over it.

This is the other fabric which started out as a pole shibori dyed fabric. The 2nd participant in this group added a sun to the fabric using a stencil. I decided to go along with this theme and found a bamboo stencil which I used twice on this piece using green fabric paint.

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