Sunday, May 18, 2008


With my Surfacing group we are doing a complex cloth round robin. This means that 4 persons work on the same piece of fabric. Every one does something and than sends it to the next person to continue working on it.
This picture shows how Kelly's fabric looks after 3 rounds. This piece of fabric started out as a disappointing snowdyed fabric. Kate used paintstiks with a rubbing plate on it. On her posting of May 5 you can see how the fabric looked before I worked on it. First I mixed a resist from flour with water till it was as thick/thin as pancake mixture. This I applied with a bristle brush on to the fabric. When the fabric was dry I crackled it by crunching and manipulating it. I than pinned it on to an old canvas screen and applied textile paint on it with a brush. Again the piece had to dry. The next day I rinsed it till all the resist was gone, let it dry and heat set it. I'll mail this fabric to Vicky who has to add the final layer to it.

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