Saturday, May 31, 2008

catching up

I have not had time to blog this week so this post will be a long one. I am at the moment at my friend's place in Minnesota and we are having so much fun. Of course we had to do shopping - I think I bought around 30 yards of batik fabric and lots of other goodies at JoAnn's and Michaels. But we also played in Kelly's studio.
One of the things we did was sunprinting a really big piece of fabric. I want to make a cover for my duvet with different prints on both sides. In total this piece is 12 yards. On the internet I found some pictures of the Monstera Deliciosa leave of which I made a line drawing. This was enlarged to 25", 30" and 35". The next step was to copy these enlarged prints to the thin foam they sell at the kids craft department at JoAnn's to be used as templates. The fabric was wetted and we used 3 different Setacolor transparent paints on them (pernod green, emerald and cobalt blue). The big pieces of fabric were carried out to the drive way, the templates placed on them with pebbles on top of them to prevent them from blowing away and some rice was sprinkled on top as well. The other piece was crunched a bit and salt was sprinkled.
The pictures here show the different steps. Because of the size of fabric it is not possible to do this on your own. I love how it turned out.

This week we had 2 rainy days which called for some experimenting. Opposite to sunprinting we did rainprinting. On presoaked fabric some Procion dyepowder was sprinkled and the fabric was left outside in the rain. The fabric turned out nice, but not interesting enough to use this technique more often. At least not with only one color of dye powder, multiple colors might be interested.

Another thing we did was use bleach on black Kona. This picture shows the result of bleach

sprayed over cheesecloth which was placed on top of black Kona. I love the result. This piece will probably turn into a wholecloth quilt, but I also bleached a 2,5 yard piece of black Kona to make a jacket.

The following 3 pictures are of works in progress. First picture is of a piece of fabric placed on shaving cream. This is for a swap of our dyeing group. At the moment this fabric is in the washer. I will post pictures when it is done.

The last 2 pictures show several pieces of fabric around rusted metal. We wrapped the fabric around these pieces and sprayed them with vinegar. This is how they look like the next day. I added some more vinegar today. Hopefully they are ready tomorrow.


Susan said...

Is this some of the fabulous treasure finds you two made last year? I really like the long rect. piece with all the little holes.
I think the duvet cover it going to be fabulous, what a great idea.
Glad you are having fun and it sounds like the batik shopping is going well.

mia de vos said...

Hoi Wil en Kelly,
Oh wath a bizzy ladies you are.
I love the leaves, so when you are back Wil we have to do someting like this in the dutch sun!!!!!
Oh what is the meaning of shavingcream????

greetings groetjes van Mia

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

What great fun to work with a friend, the energy just flies around. Great results. I have never worked in that large of a format.

Mary said...

aha, de missie van batikstoffen is geslaagd; ik hoop dat je ander missie ook gaat slagen .....

Anonymous said...

Hoi Wil,
I love to see you deying. I am to far from home but wen I see you deying I love to start deying myself. I hove you succeed with your intensions.
Greetings from Australia. Corinne

Judi said...

You have some great pieces. Looks like you and Key have been very busy.