Sunday, June 15, 2008

symposium and other things

Keeping up with a blog while being away on holiday is almost impossible. I will post more pictures when I am back home again, but for the moment this is what I have to show:

The first picture is of a sunprint for the pillowcases. I used the foam templates of the Monstera leaves for this as well. The next 2 pictures are of blueprinting. This is a variation of sunprinting, but the fabric is pretreated with chemicals and is green when you start. On this piece of fabric 2 pieces of cheesecloth were placed and it was exposed to the sun for about 15 minutes. After rinsing the fabric the blue color of the fabric shows as you can see on the picture at the right.

Between June 4th and June 10th I attended the shibori symposium at Minneapolis. I have more pictures of this, but they need to be sorted out first. On the picture at the left you can see some of the samples I made during the workshops. I have done several styples of shibori before, so the most interesting part of the workshops was when the experimenting started and we learned different variations to the techeniques, like pleating the fabric before pushing it down over the pole. The picture at the right is a stitched shibori (size about 20" x 44") dyed with indigo.
I don't think I will have time to post more the coming days. When I am back home I will have my normal 3 to 4 postings a week again.
Keeping up a blog while being on holiday is almost impossible.

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Judi said...

wonderful pieces Wil. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. Judi