Monday, June 30, 2008


As some of you might know I participated in the Quilten Speciaal course. We had our last meeting/lesson some months ago and we all decided that we would continue as a group. And with a group a name has to be chosen. This took quiet some time, but at last the majority decided on A-texere. The A stands for Art and texere stands for textile.
In September we will have our first meeting and to start this group we all will make a small quiltlet (20"x20") with the theme Start. On this quiltlet the color turquois has to be used. This theme has been whirling in my mind for some weeks but I could not really get an interesting idea to continue working on, but yesterday I got the idea. Like switching on a lightbulb :-). I am now making a pieced background in black/white fabric (mainly black with a little bit of white). When this is finished I will start knitting something using turquois wool and attach this onto the quilt. No pictures yet to show.
Normal knitting needles are too long, but browsing ebay I found some bamboo knitting needles which are only 7,5" long.

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