Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time Flies

In an earlier message I said that I could not show you the quilt I made for the Swiss show but I have decided not to enter this show. This is the piece I intended to send. It is now hanging in my kitchen and I see certain small flaws which made me decide not to try and enter the show. Maybe other people won't pay attention to it, but for me the quilt is not up to show standards.

This quilt is made up from 3 separate panels each showing a scene of a bird's life, first the eggs in the nest, then the mother (or father) bird feeding the young ones and the last one, the birds leaving the nest. For technique I used raw edge applique and on this detail picture you can see some of the quilting:

Total size of the quilt is 45"x40" (114 cm x 102 cm)


Margeeth said...

Wil, I think your quilt is beautifull and I cannot see any flaws at all on the picture.

Judi said...

Wil, I agree with Margeeth. I love your quilt and I also don't see any flaws. You do beautiful work.

Suzanne said...

It's beautiful (but I understand not wanting to enter it if you are not happy)