Monday, September 15, 2008


With our new textile group A-texere we had a meeting on Saturday with a professional artist as coach. We wanted to have a coach as we want to deepen our knowledge/expertise of (art)quilting, not the techniques but the whole process of designing and why you choose something. In total we will have 4 meetings this year which should result with a quilt made by every member. The theme we were given is: Vinex location.
Vinex is a Dutch word, wel actually it is an abbreviation, and it stands for all the newbuilding projects which have been developed after 1993. Most of these projects are located at the outskirts of towns. As the oldest houses in my town are build in 1976 you can say that the whole town is a Vinex location :-).
Many people don't like these locations. They say that they are dull, all houses are the same, boring and so on. This is not what I see in my town. Here I see all kind of modern architecture - which I love - space, colorful houses, lots of green in parks and ponds.
Whenever I am given a theme, it start whirling in my mind and all kind of associations pop up. it even keeps me awake at night :-). Somewhere during the day I came up with what I want to use as a starting point for my quilt. I intend to focus on the contradictary between nature and houses. The houses which have taken over the space of the trees. The young small trees which are planted amidst all the new houses. Old struggling to stay put. Young fighting to get a place.
Okay, the starting point is there. Now I can start working on how to execute this idea.

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