Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slow progress

For my goddess quilt I am making a separate background quilt. For this I dyed half a yard of fabric first with nickle and than again with intense blue till it got the very dark blue color I wanted. To keep the quilting theme matching with how I quilted the goddess I decided to stick to spirals and I knew I wanted the quilting lines close to each other. I copied this spiral design to the size I wanted and traced it to Golden paper. I prefer to work like this because this way I am certain that my shapes stay the same size. Without the guidance of the paper I tend to get bigger and bigger spirals the longer I quilt . This pictures shows you a part of the quilted spirals with the paper still on it:
And this is how it looks with the paper removed:

I am using the same thread which I used for the goddess. First the dense quilting and now the removing of the paper is taking a lot of time. But I like the result.

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mia de vos said...

Het ziet er weer spannend uit Wil, je blijft maar experimenteren. Hoe is het met je machinerie?