Sunday, November 01, 2009

Spirit of life

Spirit of Life or Inua is a show planned for 2010 in which I am participating. It took quite some time before I knew what I was going to create for it, but when I had dyed this piece of fabric:
I knew what I was going to do. By the way I used turquoise, basic blue and lemon (or sun yellow). For me it represented the blue of the water or air and the green of the plants. In other words the essential ingredients for life. But how to use this fabric? The theme of life circled a bit around in my mind and made the connection to birth or womenhood in general. I wanted to use the fabric as a whole cloth so I was looking for an image in which I could use it like that. The Venus of Willendorf was the answer. This paleolithic statuette symbolizes the female figure.
I enlarged this shape to the size I wanted and draw the outlines with a chalk pencil on the fabric. Batting was added and a backing fabric. Next step was the quilting. I always try to match my quilting with the theme of my quilt and this lead me to all kind of different (pagan) fertility symbols. These pictures show some of the quilting:
And this is how my quilt looks now:
Not the normal square or rectangular shape, but I cut it into the shape of a woman. Some stabilizer was added close to the edged of the quilt and I used a pillow case type of binding. The quilt looks finished, but I still have to work on it. This shape makes the hanging divice much more complicated than adding a simple sleeve. Also I want to add a - separate - background for it. Depending on where the quilt is on show, the background might be interfering with it. For those kind of situations I want to have the possibility to attach the woman shape - with Velcro? - to the background.


The Idaho Beauty said...

What an exciting outcome! Bravo for doing something really different - I like it a lot, and I don't usually take to this sort of thing.

mia de vos said...

Wat een mooi figuur heb je gemaakt is het helemaal row edge? Nu zie ik wat je bedoelde met een losse achtergrond. Ziet er geweldig uit.

Thelma said...

She is looking fabulous! Love the fabric you chose!

Diana said...

AWESOME work and art;
a real connection to the past
and to the future.
The spirit of woman and mother.

Anyone can do anything;
one step at a time!

hannie said...

Heel bijzonder Wil! Toevallig zag ik vorige week een aflevering van Focus, waar ze het o.a. over deze beeldjes hadden. Je maakt er weer iets heel origineels van!