Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I attended a workshop which was supposed to be on combining metal wire with textile. The teacher brought different types of metal wire for all participants and the participants were supposed to bring textiles. Only nobody had told us that. The result was a change in the teaching schedule and we now worked the whole day with metal wire. This was something I had never done before. We used different techniques with the wires: hammering, winding, weaving, knitting/crochet and a couple of connecting techniques. As I said I had no previous experience with it, but I see some new books and new tools in my near future :-). There are definately ways in which I can use this in my work. The picture shows what I made today, mainly samples.

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hannie said...

Jammer dat ze het niet zo goed hadden voorbereid voor de deelnemers.Is misschien een workshop, om nog meer mee te doen in de toekomst.Maar toch weer een techniek er bij geleerd?