Friday, March 25, 2011


It is some time ago that I worked with fabric. The last 10 days I made between 30-40 atc's and apc's. Some for swaps, other for trading on AFA. Here are some pictures of what I made:

Some of the techniques I used for these cards were: collaged papers, transparency sheets, screen printing, encaustic wax, soy wax with napkins and water paints.
However I cannot stay away from fabric too long. I am working on some designs ideas for new quilts. Some of these ideas are still very premature, others are more definate. More later.


Val said...

These ATCs are fab! I love them! I've seen some of your work on AFA. Perhaps we can do some private trading of fabric ATCs once I have mine done up.

arty val

Linda Miller Designs said...

Wonderful imagery on these ATC's!

Healthier And Wealthier said...

Love your designs as usual. Continues to inspire me.

Hannie said...

Heel grappig en origineel je ATC's Ik begrijp dat ze allemaal voor een swap zijn. Dus niet voor de "gewone" ruil?