Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Flying geese

A couple of days ago I showed the compressed sponges of geese. Well this is what I did with them:
I applied different colors of decolourant plus on it an pressed the stamps onto the fabric. The colors I used were yellow/brown/bronze/gold. When the decolourant is applied to the fabric you really feel that it is on top of the fabric. After ironing it, it just feels like the fabric. That it is a discharge is obvious when you look at the back of your fabric. I could not see this from the front.
My plan was to add some traditional flying geese as well to the top, but I must admit that I forgot this completely. Guess I have to use these in the quilting design. At the moment the top looks like this:

When the quilt is complete it will measure 39"x39". The quilting I intend to do, will be around the geese and maybe add a few details to the birds. Okay, first top is done, 2 other ones are in the pipeline.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

What a wonderful start! This is going to be fantastic, I can tell.