Friday, May 27, 2011


One of the tops I am working on, is based on owls. For this piece I dyed - and overdyed - the background fabric to get the deep blue color I wanted. On this background I fused a black fabric cut out in the shape of an horned owl sitting on a branch:

Interesting, but it needed more. Another owl, this time the snowy owl. I enlarged a picture of one and painted the surface white with black spots, just like they are in real life. My first one was a bit too small and this one ended up on a canvas:

With the second - larger - owl I had more success. It had the proper size. This I fused on the top and now the quilt top looks like this:

At the moment it is still in this state. I will work on the quilting later one.


Traci said...

I love the result, but more so, I love to here your process. I don't work much with fabric, but people like you make me want to try.

This is an inspired piece. Well done!

Nienke said...

Very impressive how you combine dark and light on this subject!