Sunday, January 29, 2012

ice dyeing

Earlier this week I realised that I had not dyed in months. Time to do something about that. I soda soaked half a yard of fabric and crunched that into a container. Placed the container in the freezer till the next day. As my stash of blues and greens is getting a bit low, I decided on dyeing blue. There was a bit of cerulean blue in a container and I mixed that with some aqua. No measuring, just playing. This mixture I poored over the frozen fabric and left it there for a couple of hours. The result was this:
Usuable, but a bit pale. It needs a bit more, so I divided the fabric into two fat quarters. One I rolled on a tube like this:
 Usually you use dyes with shibori, but for this piece I am going to use textile paints. More about that in a couple of days. The other piece of fabric I placed into a plastic bag - the container is to prevent leaking on my radiator - and pounded diluted textile paints all over it. The coming days the paint will creep into the folds of the fabric as a result of capillary action. In about a week this piece will be ready. Pictures will come later.

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very interesting Wil, can't wait to see what happens and what color you get.