Sunday, March 11, 2012


It is nice to divide my attention between projects. One of the things I like to do besides quilting is to make atc's or apc's (Artist Trading Cards or Altered Playing Cards). Here are some examples of the apc's I made the last week. For these I used napkins, bees wax and collaged paper.


Thelma said...

They look great! Love them all!

The Idaho Beauty said...

How clever are these?!? Just love them.

Nia Tilley said...

These are beautiful Wil. I have never seen playing card done like this. I am in a swap at the moment with a group, we have to make cards measuring exactly 2.5 x3.5 inches. I just measured my playing cards and they are smaller than this. The Theme for the swap is seasons, the first being Autumn. If you are interested in getting involved I could email the organiser and see if you can join in. I have done a couple of swaps with this group previously. Alternately I would love to do a swap with you if you are interested. Love your work.
Nia Tilley

meta said...

What a great idea, they're beautiful, layered like this!