Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not in the Zoo

Okay, I know it is futile, but now and then I try to declutter my studio. While I was doing that this week I came across 2 almost finished quilts. Not much had to be done on them, so I told myself that I had to finish them first before I could start working on a new quilt.
This quiltlet I made for the last class I took with Pamela Allen. The challenge was to use the same fabric I had used for the previous quilt in her class but create a different scene. I used a mixture of commercial and hand dyed fabrics for it. In reality it is square, although the picture does not show this. Size is 12"x12". Not a serious theme, but just having fun :-)


Ineke said...

Je gaat snel de laatste tijd.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Fun indeed - I love it! It would be great in a kid's room.