Thursday, July 04, 2013

And another one

After I posted yesterday's show I heard today that another quilt of mine made it as finalist in the Art Quils Exhibit 2013 by Infinity Art Gallery. It is a journal quilt I made in 2007 called Hidden Sun:
Most quilt show only wants to show recent work. I noticed that most art shows don't use this 'rule'. Once more proof that a good quilt stays good :-).


The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, I have some older pieces that I still think are very good, and I'm getting some of them out again for a bank exhibit not requiring new work. It's a shame to put so much into these for essentially a one-off, and have such a hard time finding places to show them later. Don't think that I have ever seen this one, which of course goes to show that even if I had, memory gets foggy and besides...we always see things differently with each viewing. Congrats!

Corinne Zambeek - van Hasselt said...

Byzonder mooi, met recht gekozen.