Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For my most recent quilt I am combining 2 tasks: the final lesson for Katie PM and the July theme for Sky (architecture). My starting point is this picture of a light house:

 For Katie's lesson I had to combine the line drawing of my chosen subject with a grid. The combination looked like this:
I like working with the size 12"x12" so I went to FedEx to have this line drawing enlarged. Next step was to copy this onto transparant paper, give all the pieces a number - and there were lots of pieces - and choose the fabrics I wanted to use. This was not all. To give me a better chance of having all the pieces in the proper place I copied the line drawing also onto organza and numbered every part there as well.
Normally I use a glue stick when I am compiling a quilt, but this time I prefered a fusible to all the scraps.  Then the precise job of putting all those tiny pieces onto the background till it looked like this:
If you look closely you can see that I skipped some of the pieces. My patience was really challenged in creating this top. Not all the lines of the grid are where they are supposed to be, but I can live with that :-). At least the top is completed, now I can start with the much nicer part: the quilting.


Margaret said...

Oh, but that is so funky! Love it, Wil!

Lynn Cohen said...

that wonky grid brought out an awesome designed art quilt!