Tuesday, November 05, 2013


This year I am making a lot of quilts with the theme trees. There are so many ways of using this theme and creating something with it. This time I focussed on birch trees. As background I used a multi layered piece of fabric. Using my own photos and some ideas I found on Google I created a line drawing which I enlarged to the size I needed. This quilt is one for Voyage and the size this year is 12"x17". The enlargement I copied onto freezer paper and ironed this on top of the fabric. With paintstiks I colored the areas of the fabric which were not covered with the paper. After it had cured I stitched only the background area. And this is how it looks:
Okay I admit I should have ironed it before I took the picture :-).


Byte Labz said...

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Margaret said...

Love it! (Then again, you know how fond I am of trees...) About ironing? Not so much. The texture of the trees came through really well in the photo. Birch bark can ripple and curl, and I like the effect you achieved.

Carmina said...

Wonderful work....I also love the "trees" idea.

The Idaho Beauty said...

A woman after my own heart. I love working with tree images and birches in particular. Really like what you've done here. I did something similar a long time ago transferring my design to freezer paper and creating a stencil, then discharging the exposed black fabric with bleach to create the birches. Such a great method - I may have to try it again only with paint stiks.