Friday, July 26, 2013


In case you have been reading my blog for a couple of years, you know that I have made a zebra quilt before. To be completely correct, a quilt of a zebra buttThis year my theme for Free Spirits is lines so to make another zebra quilt was just impossible :-). This time it shows a bit more of the zebra than just his butt. Background is white silk noir with black commercial fabric. The 3 small 'windows' are photo's of zebra's printed on silk organza. If I had the quilt upstairs here in my studio I could measure it, but it is downstairs so I will add the size later to this blog post. To give you an idea, the 2 'windows' are 6"x6". And I just measured the quilt. Size is 25"x41".
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fantasy trees

This morning I realised that I had not yet blogged about this quilt which I finished last month. For Voyage my theme for this year is trees and as you all know that does not mean that they have to look like real life trees :-). I think that some fantasy trees should be included as well. Size of this quilt is 12"x17" and all the fabrics used are hand dyed ones. Either done by me or by Kelly as I was with her when I made this quilt.
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For my most recent quilt I am combining 2 tasks: the final lesson for Katie PM and the July theme for Sky (architecture). My starting point is this picture of a light house:

 For Katie's lesson I had to combine the line drawing of my chosen subject with a grid. The combination looked like this:
I like working with the size 12"x12" so I went to FedEx to have this line drawing enlarged. Next step was to copy this onto transparant paper, give all the pieces a number - and there were lots of pieces - and choose the fabrics I wanted to use. This was not all. To give me a better chance of having all the pieces in the proper place I copied the line drawing also onto organza and numbered every part there as well.
Normally I use a glue stick when I am compiling a quilt, but this time I prefered a fusible to all the scraps.  Then the precise job of putting all those tiny pieces onto the background till it looked like this:
If you look closely you can see that I skipped some of the pieces. My patience was really challenged in creating this top. Not all the lines of the grid are where they are supposed to be, but I can live with that :-). At least the top is completed, now I can start with the much nicer part: the quilting.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Abstract with circles

This is another quilt I made for Katie PM's class. For the background I used a red gradation and added an orange and purple fabric to it. This way I had an analogous color scheme. With a complimentary color - green - I added shapes in different sizes to it. These appliques are completely surrounded by the color of the background and this way they change the value of the compliment. I used only one color green but - depending on the background - it sometimes looks darker and sometimes it look lighter. As usual the size of this quilt is 12"x12". The working title is green circles, but I am not completely happy with that title. Any suggestions are welcome.
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Thursday, July 04, 2013

And another one

After I posted yesterday's show I heard today that another quilt of mine made it as finalist in the Art Quils Exhibit 2013 by Infinity Art Gallery. It is a journal quilt I made in 2007 called Hidden Sun:
Most quilt show only wants to show recent work. I noticed that most art shows don't use this 'rule'. Once more proof that a good quilt stays good :-).

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Show time

Five of my quilts are selected for the 15th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition organised by Upstream People Gallery. I tried to create a collage of them in Picasa, but for some reason Picasa did not want to do this. If you want to see the picture, click on this link.