Monday, June 16, 2014

Sun printing

One of my favorite techniques for summer is sun printing. Till now I used setacolors for it, but on the Fire blog I saw pictures of fabric which has been printed with regular paints. As we are low on setacolor at the moment (I am staying with my friend), we decided to use Lumiere paints. Here are some of the results I got:

freezer paper circle in combination with wrinkled fabric


plastic doilies
My favorite one of this printing session is the top one. If you read my blog on a regular base, you know that I am working with circles. This one will be one of them:-)


Margaret said...

Great stuff! I enjoy sun printing but lately we've not had the perfect combo (sun + NO wind)...I like your doilies...and I think I have to play with some cheesecloth. I have plenty of it -- and Seta-Color -- so when the time is right...

Jeltsje Nicolay said...

Wat prachtig gelukt. Die groene met riet vind ik heel mooi.