Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ugly duckling 1

When you dye your own fabric - even as an experienced dyer - this does not automatically means that you love everything you create. Some pieces of fabric start their life as ugly ducklings, but with some help we can turn them into pretty swans. In the coming 3 blog posts I am going to show you what I did with some of them.
Here is a picture of how the fabric was originally, a clamped shibori:

I accordeon folded it - sorry no picture - and placed it on top of the other 2 pieces of fabric in this jar, added ice cubes and burnt orange procion dye powder.

The color of the fabric improved, but it still needed more. I used a strip of corrugated cardboard as a stamp and two colors of Pebeo Setacolor transparent: fuchsia and raw sienna.

After the stamping the fabric looked like this:

Much better than how it was, don't you agree? In two days I am going to show you another transformation.

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Margaret said...

Doesn't look like the same piece of fabric at all -- great transformation! But...does it get stiff with all the added paint/dye etc.?