Monday, January 12, 2015

Ugly duckling

This time the ugly duckling is a deconstructed screen print which had too much white showing.

I soda soaked it and accordeon folded it - this time with picture (grin):

And placed it in a glass jar, added ice cubes and a couple of teaspoons seafoam procion dye powder.

After this dye bath it looked like this:

Much work was still needed. Of course you can buy your stamps, but I like to work with unusual objects as stamps. For this fabric I used bubble wrap with teal Golden acrylic and punchinella with Pebeo Setacolor transparent fuchsia.

The colors used in the deconstructed screen printing were red and blue, so I opted to work with similar colors to keep the whole design together.

After the two stamping sessions this fabric still needed more so I decided to give it another dye bath. I used different yellows, one of them was straw the other might have been golden yellow or sun yellow. 

This fabric was a difficult one, but I am satisfied with the result. Here is a detail picture:


Beth said...

I like the fabric because it reminds me of a 1950's housewife's apron. It must be the yellow and red but I really like it!!

Maartje Quilt said...

Wat mooi die drie transformaties!

SuzanneG in NC said...

Hi Wil! I am your age (well, a little younger :) and spend alot of time at the Kemshall's site! Surface design and hand dying are my favorite thing but I am having hesitation about cutting into my cloth.
Your deconstructed screenprints look fabulous on the fabric all the way thru your process here. This is another part of the process I have to practice and work on. Perhaps I need a class but for now, I am inspired by your work! I have no blog but post to Instagram sometimes as ZansArt. A blog is in my future, as well. I will be following your blog.
Suzanne G in NC