Friday, May 29, 2015


For Sky is the Limit the April theme was Opposites and yes I know April has long gone :-). And I admit the theme sounded easy, but it took a long time before I had found a design which I liked. This is the one I settled on:

It started with a solid black background on which I used a multicolored thread. White on white fabric is what I used for the squares and for the circles I used a number of colored circles. Both the squares as well as the circles were quilted with matching, plain thread.  In this quilt I could combine the following opposites: black/white, solid/patterned, multicolored/plain, squares/circles, big/small and black/white versus color.
As it is Friday I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday. Check out the link to see what other artists did this week.


The Idaho Beauty said...

The background stitching is an interesting counterpoint to the pattern in the white on white fabric. Similar but different, a nice tie-in. I always enjoy looking at the large versions of your photos, always a little surprise in the stitching waiting for me there.

irene macwilliam said...

We thought along similar lines for that challenge.

Kelly L Hendrickson said...
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Kelly L Hendrickson said...

(fingers too fast hitting the enter button!)

What? Circles? Who knew! I love it!