Wednesday, June 17, 2015


It looks like I am neglecting my blog, but there are sometimes periods in which I do not have much to show. Showing a picture in which I am auditioning fabric for a project is a bit boring :-). Anyway for EB's masterclass this month the theme is layers. I tried different sketches, but fell back on to my favorite circles. To keep it consistent to all my other circle quilts, this one will be 12"x24" when it is finished. At the moment my layout looks like this:

The circles are a combination of hand dyed and commercial fabric. Background is a charcoal hand dyed fabric.

Another layout was this:

I printed the photo and drew the circles using a sharpie. EB's comment was that it looked like an armadillo :-)). If I make it like this, this name will be stuck to it forever.


Beth said...

I also took EB's master class but it was live and for a week. She is awesome. I do not see an armadillo.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ha! I was thinking it looked more like a cornucopia that had fallen apart, or some sort of sea shell. Armadillo would not have come to my mind. I like these circles layered although I might not go quite so dark in outlining them. Look forward to the next step. Oh, and I empathize with you regarding keeping up blog posts. I too seem to be at a point where I'm struggling to find interesting things to post even when there ARE things going on in the studio.

Carol said...

Love it... it has it's own personality!