Friday, September 18, 2015

SAQA auction

It is some time ago since I last posted this quilt, but do you remember it? Well today SAQA auction starts. 
If you want to bid on it, please read the following text as the auction is a bit different than previous years. You can either bid on my quilt during the Diamond Day bidding window, or you have to go to Houston :-).
It's finally time to bid! SAQA's Benefit Auction starts TODAY at 2:00pm EDT. Even if you are a veteran bidder, please review the information below to make sure you are aware of new changes for this year.
For example, on the main auction pages, sold quilts will be marked by a red border. You can click through to view more details about the purchaser.
Other Notes: 
  • SAQA uses Eastern Daylight Time for bidding purposes. The current time will display on the bidding form
  • All quilts are available for $1000 during the Diamond Day bidding window (Friday 2:00pm - Monday 1:30pm)
  • At 2:00pm on Monday, only Section 1 quilts will be available for bidding
  • Sold quilts will be marked by a red border around the thumbnail image
  • Buyer details (if provided) will be included on the quilt detail page (displayed when you click on a thumbnail) 

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