Friday, September 04, 2015

Soft and hard edges

This month the theme for EB's masterclass is soft versus hard edges. For this theme I made the following 2 sketches:

Sketching is not my favorite part, so I added my fabric ideas with it as well :-). For the seed pods I intend to use different values of green/brown fabric. The seed pods in the background will be covered with sheer fabric to make them more softer. The circles I intend to make with only black/white fabric. I have rather a big stash of these :-). There will be small black circles on the black background and small white circles on the white background. The circles which are the focus will have black fabric on white background and white fabric on black background.

Here are EB's comments:
- Seed pods are such a wonderful shape - and poppies in particular are lovely.  It's because there is a great contrast between the star/flower shape on top and the soft round belly beneath.
I think you'll be able to lose some of the "belly" portion in the background with careful use of values so that the "star" on top really stands out.
I like your idea of gradually making the edges softer, less distinct, until they melt away into the background using layers of organza...I think it will work very well.  You could expand some of the circles so that they begin to overlap in places and some of the edges gradually disappear into the background.  It's definitely a good idea to begin with a simple concept and see how far you can push the device within the constraints of the simple idea - well chosen!  

Now my problem will be do I make one or do I make both quilts. As it is Friday, I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday


Kelly L Hendrickson said...

Oh I like them both. And yes....I'm imagine you will make both of them
even thou only one is required! You sure don't want to lose your title
of "overachiever" do you????? :-)

Wil said...

Of course not :-)

Beth said...

-Love your sketch. Can't wait to see your piece.