Saturday, May 02, 2009


Kate is organising another ALQS. Round 3 is a bit different than the previous ones. One the ALQS blog you can read more about the details. But anyway I am participating. This time with 2 quilts. One was made for a previous Quiltswap which was cancelled. Luckily for me the size was okay for ALQS3. The other one is a new quilt. Here are some pictures of what I have done till now. First I started with auditioning several black and white fabrics for the background. The one at the right was a long strip folded irregularly and ironed to fusible webbing. The other white and the black one were cut in different shapes pieced and placed all over each other in a random way.

Next step was to go through my batiks. I found a grey/blue one out of which I made the table and a purple one which was perfect for a vase. All shapes were cut without templates. Temporarily glued to the background with a glue stick. When I liked the lay out I machine quilted it, starting with the background. Next was the table. Before I could quilt the vase I first had to make stems and put them into the vase like this:

It is a bit difficult to see, but there are 2 stems. The right side was a bit dark so I made a couple of circles and placed them there. The order in which I make a quilt may sound a bit strange. But after the quilting was done I continued with adding the bindings and part of the sleeve. Stay tuned for the finishing of this quilt.

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Margeeth said...

Ziet er mooi uit. Leuk he, dat Kate toch weer een swap organiseert, ik doe ook weer mee (quilt is in de maak). Ben wel benieuwd hoe ze de quilts straks gaat toewijzen, lijkt me een moeilijke klus.