Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new project

I started a new project this weekend for which I auditioned the green batiks I have. As you can see, my stash is rather large:
Out of this stash I selected the fabric I wanted and created this background for it:

The fabric was torn into strips and they were placed partly over each other so that the whole area was covered. Size of the quilt is around 30"x30". I have not measured it, so this figure is a bit of guesswork. My way of doing things might be a bit unusual, as I quilt the background before I start adding things to the background. This picture shows a detail of the quilting:
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Judi said...

nice background, can't wait to see what you put on it.

hannie said...

Wat een mooi ontwerp Wil. Vooral ook het prachtige quiltwerk!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Looks like a great start. I've never tried that method of creating a background, but I can see it is a lot more freeing than the way I usually work. Do you finish the edges at all or is the quilting all that is holding these pieces down?