Sunday, October 18, 2009

discharging to white

Although most black fabrics discharge to tan while using bleach, it is possible to discharge it to white. Thanks to Laura Kemshall I found the proper fabric to do this. It is called H200 and is sold by Whaley in the UK.
Here you see some of the fabric I discharged today:

All pieces were fanfolded and different clips were used for clamping. For bleach I used different types of household bleach. For the first two pieces I used Glorix, for the third Witte Reus toiletcleaner. Glorix discharges much faster than the other brand, even though it is at least 6 months old.


hannie said...

Op deze manier heb je wel heel bijzondere "patronen" in de stof gekregen. En mooi wit door de speciale stof H200. Een heel goed resultaat Wil! Je vorige proeven vond ik ook lang niet gek, en heel bruikbaar!

Nia Tilley said...

Wow, these are spectacular Wil. What do yu use to stop the discharge process? There has been a lot of debate in our local on-line group as to the safety of the different chemicals used to stop the discharging process.
Thanks for sharing these with us.

mia de vos said...

jij blijft zoeken naar de ultieme kleur verandering van stoffen. Kei gaaf deze keer.
Je zei dat bleek middelen verjaren maar ik keek op een bus en daar staat geen houdbaarheidsdatum op. Dus blijft het een gok.

Annette J said...

Hi Wil I too watched the Kempsals video and have had an urge to do some discharge dyeing. Love the results you have got.