Tuesday, October 06, 2009

gellatin printing

Kelly and I played with gellatin printing yesterday. I had done this before using gellatin in a small container and only made marks on the surface. This time we used different grasses and leaves and we had a container about 9"x13". Here are some of the results we got:
The fabric at the left is the first print. The one at the right is made when the leaves and grasses were removed. I love these second prints! The texture of the leaves and grasses shows so much better.

At the moment I do not yet know for what I will use these prints, but I am thinking of combining them into a quilt. Maybe with a light colorwash over it to get rid of the white. This is definately a technique I will use more often in the future. The jello we used for this was years over the expiration date. Probably not edible anymore, but still good enough to use for gellatin printing :-)


Nia Tilley said...

I love your prints Wil. Do you place the leaves etc. on the fabric as a mask? I can't quite understand how you get the second print - like you I like these the most. I'd love to have a go at these. Thanks

hannie said...

Prachtig Wil! Gelatinedruk deden we ook bij Quilten-Speciaal. Maar deze zijn wel erg mooi!

mia de vos said...

Het lukt jou nu beter dan, dat ik het deed bij Q.S. toen vond ik het hoop viezigheid.

Dahn said...

wIL! wIL! wIL! These pieces are wonderful! You and Kelly are having too much fun. AND you'll need to hire your own plane to get home. :-)